The Only Doctor Who Timeline You’ll Need

Doctor Who Timeline 470x226 The Only Doctor Who Timeline Youll Need

Doctor Who Timeline

Only a few more sleepless nights, and Whovians all over the world will be glued to their screens, thanks to the Christmas special, which many have been looking forward to for months now. While you wait, here’s a treat for you, thanks to a reader who gave us a heads up.

Enter the Doctor Who timeline infographic.

For someone who has only been recently introduced to the fantastic world of the Doctor, the TARDIS, and Amy Pond (obviously, I have only been watching the most recent season), this timeline is priceless. It goes all the way back to the first season, which aired in 1963. And if you think it’s only all about the Doctor, think again. This Doctor Who Timeline is rather comprehensive, covering details such as:

  • The year and season
  • The Doctor
  • The Adventure
  • The Companions
  • The Major Foes

Tidbits of information are also presented on the right side, which are sure to satiate your appetite for Doctor Who trivia. In spite of the amount of data – you can’t expect less with the TV series spanning more than 40 years! – the infographic is rather easy to look at. If you ever manage to get your hands on ALL of the episodes, then I am certain that you will find this infographic handy.

doctor who timeline infographic 470x3596 The Only Doctor Who Timeline Youll Need

You know what would be cool? A printed poster of this Doctor Who timeline up on the wall!


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