X-Men Minimalist Posters

The X-Men may not be the main thing on your mind this Monday morning, but I am pretty sure that these X-Men minimalist posters will keep you busy for a while. We got a tip from the creator of the posters, and while we don’t post everything that is brought to our attention, I think that these X-Men minimalist posters are definitely worth taking a look at.

Harshness, the guy who created the X-Men minimalist posters, is based in Portland, Oregon and describes these poster prints:

  • This print was created using archival pigment inks, and is printed on archival, heavyweight, matte paper.
  • Print is signed and ready for framing.
  • COLORS: Please Let Me Know Your Color Choice In The “Notes To Seller”. If No Choice Is Made, Print Will Come In The Color Shown.

As you can expect, all the posters have a dominant X in the background, with each character’s symbol incorporated into the image. I particularly like how the colors look for the Rogue and Wolverine posters.

Rogue 470x470 X Men Minimalist Posters


Wolverine 470x470 X Men Minimalist Posters


Sure, there is the fact that these two characters just might be the most popular ones in the franchise, but there is something about the blending of the colors that make them stand out from the others. Nightcrawler kicks butt, too, with the way that the character is portrayed.

Nightcrawler 470x470 X Men Minimalist Posters


As for Cyclops, I am not too sure about the poster. Aside from the shades, which I do not really like at all, there is something that tells me the poster doesn’t quite measure up to the others.

Cyclops 470x470 X Men Minimalist Posters


Do you agree with me or is it me who is missing something?

Here are the other X-Men Minimalist Posters.

Storm 470x470 X Men Minimalist Posters


Iceman 470x470 X Men Minimalist Posters


Gambit 470x470 X Men Minimalist Posters


Angel 470x470 X Men Minimalist Posters


If you want your own to put up on the wall, visit Harshness’s Etsy Shop and get ready to pay $19.00 for a 12×16 print. There is also a print with all the posters on it for $110.
Xmen Minimalist Posters 470x263 X Men Minimalist Posters

Xmen Minimalist Posters

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