‘Batman Beyond’ After ‘Dark Knight Rises’?


Batman Beyond movie poster concept by Guy Bourraine Jr.

Warner Bros. is on record as saying that after Christopher Nolan completes his Batman trilogy with The Dark Knight Rises, they will reboot the Batman films again. Artist Guy Bourraine Jr. seems to think that WB should pick Batman Beyond as its next big Batman movie series, and has even created some movie posters to support his cause.

Batman Beyond movie poster concept by Guy Bourraine Jr.

Bourraine also put together some early concept art with designs that re-imagined Captain America’s look for a more modern movie. His designs weren’t used, but still fascinating to see.

More recently, he created these two concept images/fake movie posters for a potential Batman Beyond movie. I love the designs, and the notion raises an interesting proposition for Warner Bros. Nolan’s films are so loved and acclaimed… They’re going to be a crazy hard act to follow. Not to mention the betrayal some fans may feel at Warner Bros. for not leaving the brand alone after Nolan finishes his take on it.

A Batman Beyond movie would kill both birds with a single stone — making it easy to justify a new film series while continuing to push the brand forward. The only worry is that moviegoers wouldn’t be as familiar with this character, and might not be so quick to jump on board. But if it were promoted the right way… Hmm.

What do you think? Is a Batman Beyond movie a good idea?


  1. Antony Watkins says

    Nononononononononononono!!!! Dark Knight Returns, all the way!! Or No Man’s Land would be cool too.

    • carl barton says

      dark knight returns would never happen because christian bale, christopher nolan, and many others have already expressed that the dark knight rises will be their final movie. however, nolan has also mentioned that he would be willing to work as a producer on future WB batman projects!

      • Antony Watkins says

        I know Bale and Nolan aren’t going to be involved with any future projects, but the Dark Knight Returns seems to be the right way to go for the next story arc

        • carl barton says

          that it does! but they should make sure they have the right people to work on it so it doesn’t end up like the batman movies in the 90s when they had multiple actors playing batman… You can’t make a continuous story with different actors than were previously involved. or at least it would be very difficult to produce a quality product..

          • John Wilson says

            That I agree it would be wierd to see Bale on Steroids lol. But still I think they should think about Batman Beyond I mean the cartoon series was pretty cool and the new comic books are awsome but hey most of all the cool heroes got their own movies. It should be Terry’s turn on the big screen. Who should play him?

          • Chris says


            Honestly, I thought that was Robin’s name at the end of TDKR. I really thought his name was going to be Terry. He looks like McGinnis. I was thinking the combination of that, and the tech that Batman used to enhance his own muscles (where he kicked the wall after putting on that knee brace) was going to be the start of the evolution of the tech. Kind of like the way they used the sky hook to pull Lao out of Tokyo and then the next movie actually HAD the Batplane in it….

      • Luc says

        If this would never happen?
        Why leave so much at the end for potential script? Robin being introduced, visiting the cave?! Knowing bruce wayne is not dead?
        All I can think of is … If it is not as succes

        • Paul says

          You are so right my friend, thats the same way I see it. The ending definetly makes it seem like there will be another movie with Robin in it, I mean the way this movie ends is like of course there would be another. Batman and Robin everyone knows that, so why end it like this if they would not make another, I’m sure they will make lots of sales when, I’m sorry should I say if they make another movie because of they way they made this movie end I’m sure it left alot of people wanting to see another.

          • Casey says

            I didn’t like the Robin thing at the end of the movie. His real name isn’t Robin, its Dick Grayson, understanding most of the audience wouldn’t know that name, i realize why they played it how the played it. I think the end of DKR made it a lead-in to Batman Beyond, simply because Bruce Wayne is gone, and Gordon knows his identity. I think Batman Beyond would be the perfect angle for a new series.

          • Elvy says

            While I understand why you wouldn’t be happy with the ending because Robin isn’t actually the name of the sidekick of Batma, you need to understand that there were several other Robins in the Batman Comic, personally I think they will do a Nightwing Movie to keep it in the dark side which made the DK series a success, and with Nolan producing Man of Steel I wouldn’t be suprised to see Blake pop up at the end.

    • Patrick says

      Where is my batman Beyond film? Has anyone seen the last batman movie. That ending was horrible. It had absolutely Nothing to do with ANY characters from the actual comic books. Who the hell is this new batman/robin wannabe, whom by the way the way they don’t even get his name right. Why do directors try to make up their own story plots WHEN there already perfectly good plots TO USE. Instead they decide to make up characters and turn them into New batman’s. What the hell, So now they want to do a movie with joseph gordon levitt as batman. With his name instead of being bruce wayne is a completely non existent character and its fuming stupid.

    • Batman fan #1 says

      Yes no mans land or dark knight returns would be beter cuz I like it wen batman has a cape in every batman franchise or film instead of him with red wings and a coverd up face like off the batman beyond series which sucked

  2. Brandon says

    Would love to see them do a Batman Beyond movie. I like the story of Terry McGinnis a lot better than Bruce Wayne. Wish they would continue the cartoon series it had going, loved that sucker. Bought all the DVDs. :)

  3. rpottage says

    Hmm… A Batman Beyond movie would be interesting, but I’m not sure it’s the best thing to do next.

    Personally I’d like to see them reboot the Batman series, but this time do more of the hardcore stories from the comics. Start off much essentially with Batman year one (including Gordon cheating on his wife), and follow it up with some of the other early stories. I’d also like to see in those stories nods to how the villains are created (like something in the first movie where Batman confronts the red hood).

    I’d then like to see in the movies the big things that affect Batman and those around him. Stories like the Killing Joke, No Man’s Land, A death in the family, and Under the red hood.

    The truly dark stories that seem to define Batman.

  4. says

    aslong has a new vilian is introduced ill be happy, penguin ,riddler (johnny dep),killer croc two face(did he really die?), poison ivy , harly quin with the joker returning in the next film of the series

  5. Bryan says

    Warner Bros would definitely solidify their reputation for butchering the Batman franchise once and for all if they attempt to reboot the series. Nolan has given us three solid movies with a powerful narrative and a compelling character arch. It is complete. Finally Batman fanboys can point to something solid, a trilogy of films that will be remembered just as fondly as Star Wars and Indiana Jones.

  6. Micah says

    I’m really glad that you made this post.

    Batman beyond , for being on kid’s TV hour, was much more of an adult show.

    Terry McGinnis was sort of a Peter Parker type hero, young, adolescent, and exploring his new powers. He was also kind of a badass with a quick wit and knack for catching bad guys. Batman Beyond was my favorite cartoon as a kid, and remains at sort of “legendary” status in my head. I never understood how such a good show merely fell by the wayside and hasn’t happened to have a sequel yet.

    If they were to make this into the next Batman movie after DKR I would be ecstatic. It would be interesting to see Nolan’s take on it, but in another line of thinking I would hope that a director that has a passion for the show directs it.

    My question is (not to be a negative nancy) how do we raise enough awareness of this to make it a possibility? For the most part, most people that I’ve talked to don’t even know of Batman Beyond, or how awesome it is. Of course if the crowds are demanding a Batman Beyond sequel, money talks and we have our answer. But if the desire for such a film does not exist publicly, I have little faith that Warner Bros will take a chance on it.

    It’s fun to dream though, I just don’t have any trust in big companies to do the right thing. Someone prove me wrong :)

  7. Micah says

    One additional comment to make,

    To the people saying that it is too soon for Batman Beyond.

    Are you kidding me?

    There are at least 11 full-length feature films about Batman spanning over 7 decades, not to mention the numerous Batman series and miniseries.

    Not to mention I personally enjoy the Batman Beyond storyline far better than the original Batman storyline. (runs and hides)

    It’s not to soon for Batman Beyond, IT’S WELL OVERDUE!!!

  8. ed says

    If you look at the toy lines you see where the “beyond” is the next step. between the “bat” flying car thing that kinda sorta looks like the fling batmoble and the batsuit that comes in the deluxe toy called the claw that for lack of a better discription is the “beyond” batsuit but with a yellow symble……its also the only figure to use that molde and hasbro is not just going to make a one toy mold. I forsee more if this suit coming out as the movie comes out.

  9. says

    YES! I love the “Batman Beyond” series and it should definitely be made in to a movie. Why would we want to see the original Batman begin all over again for the third time? Honestly Batman Beyond is the next best thing.

  10. Hugo Danner says

    I think that’s exactly how this ends. Bruce Wayne isn’t dead, but shown at age 80 plus. Then we see the future Batman in his flying bat & or him flying across Gotham.

  11. magic derp says

    It would be awesome to have a Batman Beyond movie & start it out the same way the series started with Batman slowing down & have Bale reprise his role as an older then much older Bruce Wayne.

  12. zack says

    saw tdkr. it was very good kind of leaves a hint there will be another batman movie weither its batman reboot or batman beyond. rest assured it wont be batman and robin since nolan has stated numerous time robin wont fit in his dark world

  13. Joshua Bourne says

    I think this is a GREAT idea! They could use the dark futuristic cyber-punk setting kinda like Blade Runner with the new stylish and tech heavy Batman/Terry McGinnus. Obviously this movie will have to rely on CG alot more than TDKR but thats okay as long as they just CG the world of Neo-Gotham and the effects but keep the situations and villians grounded to reality. Well, the reality of the year 2039. Beyond was my favorite of the animated series and I personaly would love for this to be the next venture for the batman franchise. I hope they skip any plans for a JLA movie.

  14. Malcolm says


    Ok, so with the ending shot of TDKR being John (legal name:Robin, kinda wierd when no robin is named robin) inheriting the Batcave, this would make perfect sense. Robin on his own without being a sidekick first would be dumb. A Nightwing movie would feel wrong without Dick Grayson. But Batman Beyond can be re-imagined, Blake could easily become him. In fact, l’d love this.

  15. mans says

    Batman Beyond could have really awesome visuals.. think Tron mixed with Blade Runner. That futuristic look infused with a dark story line. There are several villains in batman beyond that were super awesome. I especially liked the guy that turns off all sound.. that was a rather creepy episode..

  16. GoodIdeas says

    Heres what needs to happen. Batman beyond, like the cartoon, but tweaked so Joseph Gordon-Levitt and his Robin are the new batman or the new hero. Robin under Batman’s wing.

  17. Ryan Temp says

    Christopher Nolan released that he will be producing a Batman Beyond movie at this year’s Comic Con.

    • garry says

      john nolan would be great as a writer, but he’s never directed anything, he’d have to ,make a few independent films first.

  18. nick says

    What we need is a nightwing movie continuing on after Batman rises!
    And that concept art looks very nightwing-esque to me.

    • Dr. Hugo STRANGE says

      I think a BATMAN BEYOND movie will be a great idea. The first episode REBIRTH will be the start of the film.when bruce wears the suit first… and dont 4get the tripy villins spellbound,the jokerz,ect. No cape and a new look 4 a BATMAN MOVIE !!!!!!!!!!! It would be sick if the the bat symbol on his chest would light up BRIGHT REd :D

  19. J says

    I think Batman Beyond would be a great next step. I think the Nolan trilogy has left too big of shoes to fill anytime soon (10 yrs or less for a Batman reboot is too soon), plus I think with the ending of DKR Nolan created a new mythology for Batman that gave us an end while also reminding us that…
    “as a man I’m flesh and blood I can be ignored I can be destroyed but as a symbol, as a symbol I can be incorruptible, I can be everlasting.”

    One of the things I enjoyed about Beyond was the new story and flair with Terry McGinnis (along with the futuristic element) and the very different, but appropriate character of an old, gritty and lonely Bruce Wayne. While seemingly a loner, I think much of Batman’s/Bruce’s sanity and groundedness comes from Alfred (Nolan does this beautifully with Caine in the trilogy) and seeing an aged, gritty, and truly alone Bruce who slowly forges a relationship with Terry would be awesome. Think Eastwood in ‘Gran Torino’

  20. Troy says

    Batman Beyond would be difficult with Nolan as a producer. I only say that because Nolan’s batman is rooted in realism, none of the occasional imaginary or far-fetched story arcs as in the comics. For Batman Beyond to be really successful and correct, Nolan (along with production team) would have to be very very very creative in terms of future technology to the point of realism. It certainly can be done, and I greatly hope that it is, but it would be very tough, however if anyone can pull off 30 year in the future technology while being highly realistic, it would be Christopher Nolan

  21. Michael says

    Old Christian Bale and young more “Blade Runner” Batman 40 years into the future………..CAN I
    GET AN AMEN!!!!!

  22. Jon says

    Amen.. Batman Beyond all the way. Im tired of seeing the same old Batman. They need to move FORWARD. Same with all these boring remakes. We should have had JLA movie ages ago. BEYOND is the way to go.

  23. garry says

    A batman beyond movie would be an excellent idea if they put it into a Nolan universe and have it a continuation off the dark knight rises, tha’s the only way it would work.

  24. Gabriel says

    I honestly love all the ideas that everyone has, I think that the producers should seriously stop thinking they can do something on their own and start looking at our ideas, it might give them huge ideas and make DC comic movies much more successful. I personally want them to start the justice league, I was thinking to not make Blake into the next batman or robin or whatever, I just think they should say he is going to start helping Bruce with more high tech equipment and stuff or something idk I just think it would really fuck things up if they brought robin in right now, I want them to start with justice league and hopefully I pray to god, they make a better batman suit and bale returns as the dark night, I want the next superman movie (man of steel) to involve the beginning of the JL but I know it might not happen :/ too much imagination on my part, then later on thy should make Terry’s story.

  25. Kam says

    If bale and Nolan aren’t doin anything I feel that there is no point to make a return movie. Yud be better off starting a batman beyond movie. Terry isn’t a widely known characters to many children but thy will come on bored knowing that he’s a younger batman ready to save the day. The rest of us know he’s a great character. If Nolan and Bale change there minds then I’m all for a return movie otherwise this is gonna turn out like the last batman movie series with 3 different batmans. If anything make it alil further in the future so that yu can Atleast say this is older batman that’s why he looks different but batman is an amazing character. Bruce and Terry turn out to be amazing batmans so I say get those 2 back gets some good villains for the last movie n let batman return then start on batman beyond

  26. vishal says

    yeah its quite good idea…………always fantasy to see batman beyond in live action………………hope it will be………………………..

  27. Greyson says

    Hmm. You know aftee watchin TDKR, I put a lot of thought into how they could continue the batman movies. I suggest three arcs: one being the creation of Nightwing and so forth going into himself (Joseph Gordan-Levity) and becoming a seperate hero. Two being since Batman faked his death, you could use Joseph becoming the substitute of Batman since he did that early in the batman comics then becoming Nightwing and so on. Or three, Batman Beyond. John Blake’s background is very similar to thay of McGinnis’. Losing his father and being able to remember it and having a divorced family. (Terry’s mother dies in TDKR). Then having Joseph (John Blake) become “Batman of the Future” since he knows Bruce isn’t dead and he discovers the Bat Cave alone. Then have a Clint Eastwood type character become Bruce and mentor Blake. Just ideas.

  28. Greyson says

    I also think the Robin bit in the end of the movie was a bad idea unless Bale decides to return thus creating The Dark Knight Returns type movie and to further extend that movie seriea you could blend A Death in the Family and then have Red Hood entee the series. Again just ideas.

  29. Scott says

    I think batman beyond would be awesome but I mean not all that many people know who is is and I mean I think that in later time if they do make any that tgey should make the batman beyond return of the jokee into a real movie

  30. Terrence McWayne says

    Okay I know no one will read this but YES people the next film for Batman SHOULD be frank Millers : The Dark Knight returns bc it takes place in a future gotham when Bruce is 55 years old, he retires around 60 in Batman. beyond so they’re not far off each other, if they were to make a Batman Beyond movie they’d need a good director and writers, these are ALL. The people who should be included in a batman beyond movie as writers and creative talent, Jonathan Nolan, Christopher Nolan, Bruce Timm, Paul Dini, (creators of BB) Frank Miller & Adam Beechen (current writer for BB comic)…if all these people are rounded up to create a batman beyond movie grounded in realism as realistic as you can be with Batman imagine how awesome this movie would be? Yeah the general public is unfamiliar with terry McGinnis but if this movie was marketed with Nolan’s name, timms, & millers well I’m sure it would put a lot of butts in seats and If they approach it the movie with seriousness and terry with a dark sophisticated appraich giving him and Wayne justice well imagine how awesome the film could be? It would be the future of batman, and I imagine it would rely heavily on cgi yeah I know nolan doesn’t like cgi but given as its in. Neo 2040 gotham and everything is advanced it would be necessary however the complexity, maturity of the story and dark toned nature would make up for the cgi, oh and made scenes more violent one thing about the nolan films that irked me was the lack of blood yeah I’m aware he did it to not get an R rating since wb asked him for that, but the DK trilogies aren’t even for children, if Bruce Timm can direct batmans : under the red hood film and have the joker beating to death robin (Jason Todd) with a crowbar and bleed and still get a pg 13 rating why couldn’t nolan or any future batman installations? Well anyway yeah remember …to make a good batman beyond film you’d need good marketing, violence with blood, dark tonality, great writing, etc you’d need Jon & Chris Nolan, Bruce Timm, Paul Dini, Frank Miller & Adam Beechen.

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