Rare Calvin & Hobbes Art Print Up for Auction

Calvin & Hobbes Art Print

Calvin & Hobbes Art Print

As all fans of Calvin & Hobbes know, Bill Watterson shunned all tie-in merchandise for his creation, never selling so much as a bumper sticker. So it’s a very big deal that one lucky buyer is about to get an incredibly rare art print signed by the artist.

The original watercolor illustration Watterson created for the 1989-90 16-Month Calvin & Hobbes Calendar is going up for auction on February 23rd, where it’s expected to fetch a price upwards of $50,000. Heritage Auctions is selling the piece as part of its “Vintage Comics & Comic Art Signature” event at the Fletcher-Sinclair Mansion.

Calvin & Hobbes creator Bill Watterson was exceedingly single-minded in his artistic integrity, refusing the huge piles of cash he could have made from authorizing licensed products like plush toys and posters, and ending his strip’s run after ten years at the height of its popularity. Comic strips mean something to the incredibly private Watterson, and his insistence on never compromising is one of the many traits that made Calvin & Hobbes so special.

The only art prints Watterson ever created he gave away as gifts, and it is one of these gifts that is now being sold. Heritage claims that the piece is in pristine condition, and is signed to “Rick Marschall,” whom Watterson gifted it to.

Click here to visit the Heritage Auctions listing for this Calvin & Hobbes art print, where you can bid on the piece in secret and read more details about it.

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