Recycled Technology Art


You wouldn’t believe the things people make out of old technology. Sometimes they even make art, as you can see from these recycled technology images.

CARS: Optimus Prime

Kreatworks of Bangkok made this nine-foot-tall, 1,100 lb. replica of the Autobot leader entirely out of recycled car and other machine parts. It can be yours via Etsy for a cool $10,500. [Image credit.]


Artist Grace Grothous created this piece, titled “Uncharted Terrain,” out of old circuit boards. The tiny “buildings” dotting the landscape are actual transistors and circuits that are still attached. [Image credit.]

DRILL BITS: Cityscape

Japanese artist Chu Enoki crafted the incredibly complex cityscape “RPM-1200,” as he calls it, out of old drill bits, machine parts, and even some recycled CDs. It’s almost entirely silver, which the black backgrounds really sets off. Check the following link for more images that show different perspectives of it. [Image credit.]


Another you can buy on Etsy, this one for $69. It’s a clock made from a recycled MacBook. My favorite part is how the artist included the mouse! [Image credit.]

RECORDS: Sculpture

Jean Shin melted and sculpted old vinyl records to create “Sound Wave,” which the artist says is meant to “speak to the inevitable waves of technology that render each successive generation of recordable media obsolete.” Whatever. I just think it looks cool. [Image credit.]


322 fridges went into building this igloo, which the artist, Berlin’s Ralf Schmerberg, named “Wastefulness is the biggest source of energy.” [Image credit.]


A graffiti artist named “Mr. Brainwash” held an art show in 2008 in Hollywood, with this towering robot made of old TVs as one of his centerpieces. [Image credit.]

TOASTER: Model Car

Graham Schodda created this, the “Toaster Roadster” for a Seattle art show featuring recycled materials. [Image credit.]


I wouldn’t want to cross this angry typewriter man, would you? Artist Jeremy Mayer makes artistic sculptures using old typewriters as his exclusive medium. This one is actually fairly simplistic in appearance compared to a lot of his other work, which includes a number of full-sized, human figures. [Image credit.]

VCRs: Motorcycle

Dating way back to 1997, artist Alex Andromeda built this “Champion” motorcycle out of old VCR parts (along with some computer bits). He gets major props for including a DC motor for an engine, which allows the motorcycle to actually work. [Image credit.]


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