Supermanning: the New Planking?


Forget Batmanning. Here’s a stunt that’s both geeky cool and far more dangerous than planking. Because “Supermanning” only works in a moving vehicle…

Imagine this: You’re driving down the street in your car, when right outside your window your buddy zooms into view, one arm extended in front of him, the wind blowing through his hair, just like Superman. This is Supermanning, a new craze that distinguishes itself by requiring participants to perform it in a moving vehicle.

First uncovered by TV show RightThisMinute, several examples of Supermanning are already popping up online. As you can see in the video, Supermanning is accomplished by a backseat rider sticking half their body out of their window, presumably holding onto the car with one arm while pretending to fly with the other. Some people are even dressing up in Superman costumes to add authenticity to their Supermanning.

It should go without saying that Supermanning is extremely dangerous — not to mention illegal, since there’s no way a seat belt can be worn while doing it. So please, if you decide to join the craze… Go Supermanning responsibly.

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  1. Antony Watkins says

    Haha, that’s actually really funny when done right. I think it’s because of how nonchalant they look while doing it

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