Theo Gray’s Periodic Table Table Will Make You Cry…

Periodic Table

Periodic Table

Theo Gray's Periodic Table Table

…in envy. That is, if you are like us, and you just can’t get enough of periodic tables. If you have been following us for a while, you’ve read about the world’s tiniest periodic table. We also have a nifty collection of the geekiest periodic tables you can possibly find.

As cool as all other periodic tables we’ve featured here are, I think that Theo Gray’s periodic table table just might top all of them! Scratch that. Theo Gray’s periodic table table has reached the summit of awesomeness.

Who the heck is Theo Gray anyway? Well, he’s “merely” a co-founder of Wolfram Research and author. Oh, and he also holds the distinction of being the 2011 winner of the ACS Grady Stack Award for Interpreting Chemistry for the Public. That ought to tell you how bad a$$ this guy is, yes?

Theo Gray’s periodic table table is what it says on the tin. His table is just like the one you use for more mundane purposes such as eating. I do not think that anyone would want to eat on Theo’s table, though. For one, it is too cool to mess up. With the elements all printed and marked on squares on the surface, why would anyone want to use it for eating? What takes things up several notches is the fact that each square representing elements actually contains samples of the elements!

Yes, Theo Gray is an element collector, and he has built what could be the coolest display for his collection! Don’t worry about safety if you ever have the chance to see Theo Gray’s periodic table table, though. He may love collecting elements, but the more radioactive ones are not present – understandably.

Now drool a little more and watch this video.

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