The Hipster Owner’s Manual

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The Hipster

DISCLAIMER: For information purposes only. I am not implying that anyone here is a hipster, nor am I casting any judgement on anyone who may be. I cannot and will not deny that we have taken digs at this label a couple of times. (Check out How Hipsters Stole the Geek Mojo and Geeks Versus Hipsters.)

For whatever reason that can be plausible at the slightest, I thought that this infographic would interest you. Titled “The Hipster Owner’s Manual”, it gives a rather detailed account of the accessories that a decent hipster has to have in his or her arsenal.

Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Boombox
  • Bicycle
  • Mustache (I suppose you can pass up on this if you are a woman. Then again, I have seen some women sporting what could be a mustache.)
  • Polaroid
  • iPhone (The brand is specific, mind you.)
  • Badges
  • Converse
  • Tobacco
  • Ski Vest
  • Nintendo (Old school!)
  • 80s watch
  • Shutter shades

For a more “in-depth” explanation of why these accessories are essential items in a hipster’s kit, take a look at the infographic below. Click for a larger view.

the hipster owners manual The Hipster Owners Manual
The Hipster Owner

So what do you think? Is that an accurate list? How many items can you tick off? Does that mean you’re a hipster? ;)

Infographic via BitRebels
Hipster image via quirkybird

One thought on “The Hipster Owner’s Manual

  1. I wear an “80’s watch” and I own a bicycle (although I’ve had it for three years and I’ve only ridden it twice). Those are the only two items I can tick off.

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