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Looking for new sci-fi material to dig into? We’ve come across something that might catch your interest: Sci-Fi Radio Theater. This project is the baby of Charles Davis (you can call him international Internet man if you want) and Josie Corichi (an opera singer of all things!). If that combination does not intrigue you already, I would be very much surprised.

Sci-Fi Radio Theater is basically a project featuring podcasts (yes, they still do exist and can be very interesting) of original fiction. Genres covered are sci-fi, fantasy, and horror. If you are wary about the idea, think about it again. With a podcast, you can spend time listening while doing something else (like work). As much as I love to read, sometimes, I have found podcasts or audio books to be more convenient. And when it comes to science fiction and fantasy, your imagination is free to go as wild as it wants to as you listen to the podcast – as opposed to watching a video.

To give you a sampling of what Sci-Fi Radio Theater has to offer, why don’t you listen to the trailer for The Ba Gua Etuis Box? This story is composed of eight parts, and it is described as a sci-fi murder mystery. The main characters are Otto Vainikainen and Patricia Lacroix, and yes, there are some robots and scientists (albeit murdered) in the mix. Interested yet?

Learn more about Sci-Fi Radio Theater from their web site. You can also follow them on YouTube: scifiradiotheater.

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