A Pac-Man Movie That Doesn’t Suck

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Man, these fan-made short films are just getting better and better. Here’s one that legitimizes Pac-Man as a viable storyline for a live-action movie. As crazy as that sounds, it really works.

Project Yellow Sphere, as this clever fan film is called, reimagines the iconic yellow character as a computer-generated avatar/weapon designed to be used by the military. His uses are said to be for things like cleaning up oil spills or nuclear fallout, and I’ll give you three guesses how he accomplishes this (but you’ll only need one). Is it plausible? Not remotely. Is it crazy/cool? Heck yeah! It’s filled with cheeky references to the video game, while giving a purpose to the game’s disparate elements, like the blue maze and the ghosts. Pac-Man himself even gets a personality, even though it’s an A.I. personality cut from the same mold as WALL-E and Johnny Five.

Written, directed by, and co-starring James Farr, Project Yellow Sphere was produced by Steelehouse Productions, and features a mixture of live action and Tron-style CGI. Farr has written and created a number of properties for comics and television, but he’s perhaps best known for the animated/traditional comic book Xombie.

Learn more about Project Yellow Sphere at its official website.

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