A Tribute to Inventors

Inventors Infographic

You’ve got to give it to the giants on whose shoulders we stand upon. Without them, we wouldn’t be enjoying all the conveniences we have today, and yes, that includes being able to do practically everything on the iPad (or whatever mobile device you prefer). Sometimes, we tend to take these things for granted – from electricity to hopping on a plane to go to the beach to indoor plumbing.

For no particular reason, why don’t we tip our hats to the people who paved the way for our lives as we know it?

Here’s an infographic from the Best Colleges Online, the guys behind content such as best health degrees. They specialize in disseminating information about education for people from all walks of life. While I think I have spent more than enough years in school, it is always a positive thing to be open minded about continuing education, isn’t it?

In any case, education goals/plans notwithstanding, this infographic just might provide a new perspective on the lifestyle that you currently enjoy. At the very least, it can serve as a reminder as to just how brilliant the inventors of old were.

The infographic details inventors involved in the following:

  • Air travel
  • Electricity
  • Indoor plumbing
  • Food processing – bacon!
  • Computers & the Internet
  • Potato chips – crisps, for some
  • Cellphones
  • Personal Entertainment
  • Cars

The next time you participate in a trivia contest, going over this infographic might prove to be handy for I am pretty sure that you will find the answer to at least one question here.

The People Behind The Way We Live
From: BestCollegesOnline.org

So which invention are you most grateful for? I am torn between potato chips and food processing with flavors like MSG. ;)

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