Captain America Birthday Cake

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Captain America Birthday Cake
Captain America Birthday Cake

Who doesn’t love geeky cakes? Cake in itself is something to be joyful about, but when the cake is specially designed to mimic something geeky, you have a winner.

This 4-year-old boy is one lucky kid. Not only did he get a homemade cake for this fourth birthday, it is a cake worthy of superheroes! The Captain America birthday cake already looks good on the outside, but wait till you slice it up.

Captain America Birthday Cake
Inside the Captain America Birthday Cake

That’s the wonderful thing about this Captain America birthday cake, isn’t it? After all, the shield is not that hard to create. (I am assuming that this is the case for those who bake cakes on a regular basis. It will be an entirely different story if I were to try my hand at this thing.) With the American flag “built-in”, however, the cake takes on another dimension.

In case you like DIY cakes, here’s an idea how to make a Captain America birthday cake with the American flag inside.
Captain America Birthday Cake
Captain America Birthday Cake
I still wouldn’t know how to make it, but I hope you get the idea. Loveandlotsofsugar, I think your kid will love you forever for this.

Does this cake make you yearn for more geeky cakes? Check out an old post with 10 awesomely geeky cakes. And no, folks, these cakes are NOT lies. They’re real as real can be.

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