Geeky Bookends From Knob Creek Metal Arts

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Don’t you just love times when you do not have to do anything but sit down (or lie down) with a good book? Just the other day, I was engaged in a conversation about traditional books – the kind that is supposed to be “responsible for killing trees” – and e-books. This is, of course, not an uncommon topic for people who have a passion for both reading and gadgets. And as I said in that conversation, I see myself getting more and more e-books. However, that does not mean that I will give up on my book collection – the printed kind.

When it comes to printed books and libraries, there is an unsurpassable satisfaction that one gets even just from gazing at one’s collection. I would even dare to be assume that many of you agree with me! And if you do, you will love the idea of bookends that cater to your geeky side.

I discovered the Etsy shop Knob Creek Metal Arts, which sells things such as coat and metal racks, clocks, key racks, and so on. What got me looking deeper is their collection of bookends. Mind you, these bookends are not your ordinary Ikea-type ones. They are geeky bookends that will make you want to stare at your bookshelves even more!

Take for example these symbols that you see on a regular basis. Don’t you think they would look cool on your bookshelf?

At and USB Symbols Bookends 470x460 Geeky Bookends From Knob Creek Metal Arts
At and USB Symbols Bookends

I do like those bookends above, but what I prefer the following geeky bookends for fantasy enthusiasts.

Mermaid Bookends 470x480 Geeky Bookends From Knob Creek Metal Arts
Mermaid Bookends

Centaur Bookends 470x471 Geeky Bookends From Knob Creek Metal Arts
Centaur Bookends
Zombie Bookends 470x484 Geeky Bookends From Knob Creek Metal Arts
Zombie Bookends
Dragon and Knight Bookends 470x470 Geeky Bookends From Knob Creek Metal Arts
Dragon and Knight Bookends

Knob Creek Metal Arts’s geeky bookends are made of solid steel, so even if have more than a handful of hardbound first editions in your collection, the bookends will be able to hack it. For a set of geeky bookends, expect to shell out at least $39.99 (additional costs for shipping). Also, if you have your own design in mind, you can ask the guys if they can implement it. According to them, they love making custom items. Of course, that also probably means a higher price tag.

To get your hands on these geeky bookends, visit the Etsy shop of Knob Creek Metal Arts.

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