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This is one of the times that it must suck to be in the US. If you’re eagerly awaiting the release of The Avengers, that is. When I woke up today, I saw my Twitter stream full of people talking about having seen The Avengers. Good for them, huh? If you’re still “patiently” waiting to see the movie, we hope that our Avengers Week will help a little.

How about taking a look at an advertising campaign by Target? It may not be your favorite store, but what they did to jump into The Avengers bandwagon is something that you can’t miss. If you are thinking “Oh no, not another product placement stint”, you might want to set aside your bias against horrible product placement practices. This Target ad campaign does nothing to hide labels and brands, but the end result is just so gorgeous that I think it is reasonable to overlook the downsides just this once, yes?

Here are some very familiar items (that you can presumably find at Target) put together to come up with these.

Iron Man

Iron Man 470x531 Target Does The Avengers
Iron Man


Mjolnir 470x639 Target Does The Avengers

Hulk’s Fists

Hulks Fists 470x325 Target Does The Avengers
Hulk's Fists

Captain America’s Shield

Captain America Shield 470x401 Target Does The Avengers
Captain America's Shield

In case you’re wondering who the creative minds behind these are, it’s an agency called Wieden + Kennedy based out of Portland. Check out more pictures are Behance.

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