What Superhero Family Portraits Would Have Looked Like


The fascination we have with superheroes will never go away. What with comic books, TV shows, and movies always coming out, there will always be something to whet our appetites. Of course, there is also the artwork that many fans come up with, and sometimes, these pieces of art blow our minds away.

Have you ever thought of what superheroes would have looked like if they had family portraits done vintage style? A couple of Italian guys – the Marvellini brothers – have decided to give this a hand, and their work looks pretty good! The combination of vintage family portraits and distinct superhero accessories makes for eye candy that deviates from the usual superhero stuff you see online today. The result? Superhero family portraits.

According to the creators of these superhero family portraits, they came up with the idea by getting their hands on vintage photos. With a little playing around, they created wonderful works of art representing the ancestors of some of our favorite superheroes. While we may never know if the ancestors of these superheroes did look like the ones in these photos, let’s just bear the Marvellini brothers’ statement in mind: “Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

You can find out more about the artists via their Facebook page, where you will also see a whole lot more of their artwork. Superheroes or not, the pieces will catch your attention for sure.


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