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This morning I sat down to work and thought to myself, “What do I want to write about today?” Only one thing is on my mind, and it’s drowning out all other thoughts: The Avengers! Just can’t get that brilliant movie out of my head. If you’re craving more Avengers goodness like me, here are seven infographics to feed the need.

It’s worth noting that in selecting these, I tried to stick to infographics that address the movie, not just the comics. Click on any image to view the full-size version.

avengersinfographic traits 470x1005 7 Avengers Infographics

Reportedly, this one is based on a poll conducted via Twitter. It’s one of my favorites, because the character trait makeups of each superhero is fascinating, and pretty much spot-on. [Infographic source]

avengersinfographic costume 470x2298 7 Avengers Infographics

This nicely done poster takes “show, don’t tell” to new heights, thanks to a maximum of visuals and almost no text. [Infographic source]

avengersinfographic timeline 930x930 7 Avengers Infographics

The text on this handy-dandy timeline of Marvel’s shared-universe films is a little hard to make out, even at its maximum size. Fortunately, its creator posted all of the text at the source link, for your reading pleasure. [Infographic source]

avengersinfographic weapons 470x932 7 Avengers Infographics

Print publication The National Post published this in a recent edition, but the company was kind enough to put it online as well. [Infographic source]

avengersinfographic initiative 470x1122 7 Avengers Infographics

This smart, colorful infographic traces the history of Marvel’s films with an eye toward all of the major events that lead into The Avengers. [Infographic source]

avengersinfographic connections 930x645 7 Avengers Infographics

I’m not sure if I’m less confused or more after reading over this flow chart that diagrams the connections between Marvel’s movie characters. (Conclusion: everything revolves around Coulson.) [Infographic source]

avengersinfographic bostonglobe 930x570 7 Avengers Infographics

The Boston Globe ran this impressive fold-out centerpiece a little over a week ago in their print edition. I’m kinda bummed that the full-size image isn’t quite big enough to make out all of the smallest bits of text, but it was too cool and elaborate not to include. (If anyone has a larger, more legible version of the image, please let us know.) [Infographic source]

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