Advantages of Using Keyless Door Locks


For many hundreds of years, man has relied on the classic key and lock way of securing doors and drawers. Though it has proven to be effective we’ve seen that it is not an entirely efficient or secure way to keep things and us safe. For one, we can always lose keys – it’s actually a common problem and everyone has a story of losing or nearly losing keys. Also, traditional locks that use keys are not entirely secure. It can be picked or manipulated to open. There goes all that efforts at security.

Fortunately, technology has come to the rescue. Because of advances in security and the science of making locks, we can largely throw away those archaic keys and go totally keyless. The modern locks of today do not need keys (or the traditional concept of keys we know) to unlock them.

Keyless door locks offer an extremely high level of security that is miles away better than traditional door locks that are opened with keys and yet it doesn’t sacrifice ease of use. All you need is to punch in your security code and voila, an unlocked door! More modern technologies are even being used for the next generation of keyless door locks like fingerprint recognition and biometrics — we’re truly entering science fiction territory!

Here are some of the benefits of using keyless door locks.

Increased level of security

Obviously, keyless door locks do not rely on traditional keys to open it. Therefore, there are no tumblers that can be manipulated with tools. There is no way to tamper it, short of breaking the whole thing open, which thieves won’t do at the risk of being discovered.

Easy process to change codes

A keyless door lock’s code can also be changed without a lot of difficulty if you think the current code is already compromised. This is hard to do with common locks because the whole cylinder will need to be retooled, which is a tedious process. It will be easier to just install a new lock, which presents its own unique challenges.

No need to carry keys

Carrying keys is a big hassle. It’s one of those things that is usually misplaced or lost. Anyone who has lost a key and had to look for it knows how frustrating it can get. Keys can also scratch your mobile phones and other mobile devices if it’s stored together – which usually happens if you have a tendency to stuff your things in your pocket. With a keyless lock, you only need to memorize your security code to gain access.

Installation is a breeze

Keyless locks can be installed just like regular locks. You don’t need special doors or frames to install it or to make it work. You can just replace your standard lock with the keyless lock with just minimal modifications, if at all.  Additionally, you don’t need any kind of wiring to make keyless locks work. You can either choose to get mechanical locks that do not require any kind of power, or electronic locks that only need standard batteries to work.


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    I’m a big fan of these biometric locks, and they’re really handy for businesses that want multiple people to gain access to an area. Each person will be recognised, and there’s no worry that anyone will misplace a key and require all the locks to be changed. It also offers a good indication of who is in the building at any time, and could easily be used to track when people start and finish work.

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