DIY Wedding Ring Made of Meteorite

Guys, if you want to avoid any sense of dissatisfaction when the time comes for you to pick out a wedding ring, I suggest not showing this post to your partner. Whether it’s because of characters such as Superman or because of some other reason, we do have a fascination for meteorites. Now and then, we even have real-life encounters with them.

Well, maybe not firsthand encounters for most of us, but vicarious experiences can be almost as fun. Some time ago, I found myself drooling over a meteorite sword. Not just anyone’s sword, mind you. It’s Terry Prachett‘s sword. As they say, though, make love, not war; and what is a sword if not an instrument of war? Why not go the opposite way and create something that emanates peace and love? How about a wedding ring made of meteorite? ((Then again, a wedding ring might very well be the harbinger of war.))

This guy has just won THE prize. For what exactly, you can give it your own label, but seriously, after hand-forging his wedding ring out of a chunk of meteorite, he deserves an award. DIY wedding ring. He posted his work on Reddit, starting with this huge piece of rock, which obviously needed some sawing and hacking.

Meteorite Wedding Ring

Meteorite Chunk

Of course, meteorite needs some heat.
Meteorite Wedding Ring

Heating Meteorite Chunk

Then it can be pulled out to form a bar.
Meteorite Wedding Ring

Meteorite Bar

After some more melting and pounding, we see the meteorite wedding ring take shape.
Meteorite Wedding Ring

Meteorite Slabs

Meteorite Wedding Ring

Glowing Meteorite Ring

A little more work with etching and shining, and we have the finished product: the meteorite wedding ring in all its glory!
Meteorite Wedding Ring

Meteorite Wedding Ring

How handy that the guy had all that material at his disposal, yes?



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