Off Book Features LEGO Art

LEGO Art 470x252 Off Book Features LEGO Art


“LEGO blocks are one of the most beloved toys in the world, playing a role in many a person’s childhood. But for some creators, LEGO has evolved from toy to art form.”

I will not argue about LEGO being one of the most beloved toys in the world. I might even go as far as to say that it LEGO is the biggest brand in its niche. However, the line about evolving from toy to art form makes me think.

Toys and art are not necessarily mutually exclusive, are they?

Whichever idea you stand behind, as long as you are a LEGO enthusiast, the chances are that you will love what the guys at Off Book have done.

Off Book is a web series produced by PBS Arts. The concept behind it is to bring attention to art forms which are new or need more exposure. God knows there are a lot of art forms/work needing exposure!

This month, one of the episodes of Off Book is LEGO Art, which obviously caters to AFOLs all around the world. The episode features three artists who are so in love with LEGO that they have brought the blocks to a whole new dimension: Sean Kenney (Art with LEGO bricks), Alex Kobbs, Nathan Sawaya.

I’ll stop here, and let you enjoy the video yourself.

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