You Are Not Banksy: Banksy’s Art Translated to Photos

Nick Stern Banksy

Nick Stern Banksy

You Are Not Banksy

Banksy may very well be the most elusive artist of our generation, and he is one of the most respected as well. We already have featured Hanksy, who has made a name for himself “copycatting” Banksy.

This time, there is another artist who has built his work on the art of the street artist.

Photographer Nick Stern has taken it upon himself to make Banksy’s work a little more real. This he does by taking Banksy’s street art as models and setting up photo shoots to emulate the graffiti.

Banksy fans, does this look familiar?

No doubt that kicks butt, but Nick Stern’s rendition is just as interesting, I think.

What I like most about the photo is the splash of color that the bunch of flowers make. Sure, the colors are there in Banksy’s work as well, but Stern has made the contrast a little more dramatic.

Here’s another Banksy piece.

And below is Stern’s version.

At the risk of being not politically correct, I think that the photo totally surpasses Banksy’s art, for reasons that are rather obvious. Does anyone disagree with that?

If you know about Banksy’s art, and you are wondering if Stern has replicated more of it, I suggest visiting Stern’s Banksy gallery. Lots of eye candy to see there!

And here’s the cool part. You can purchase Nick Stern’s work from his online store. Of course, you have to be willing to part with a not-so-small amount of money to get the prints, but for now, shipping in the USA is free, so you might want to take advantage of that!

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