Fallen Superheroes by Eric Curtis

They may be fallen superheroes, but they certainly have not lost any of that superhero charm in my book.

These fallen superheroes are the creations of Eric Curtis, an LA-based photographer who has released a book titled – you guessed it – Fallen Superheroes. I had never heard of Eric Curtis before, but apparently, he has worked with some big names in Hollywood including David Lynch, Danny Glover, rocker Tommy Lee, the bands My Chemical Romance and Linkin Park, and rapper Method Man.

His work has been lauded as being unique, with the emphasis on the use of studio lighting in the real world outside the studio. Together with writers Scott Allen Perry and Adam Mock, Fallen Superheroes was created to catch the attention of superhero lovers who are open to some belly-jiggling laughs. And I kid you not.

Here are some of my fallen superhero picks.

Yellow Fever 470x314 Fallen Superheroes by Eric Curtis

Yellow Fever

Healing Feet 470x314 Fallen Superheroes by Eric Curtis

Healing Feet

Conehands 470x314 Fallen Superheroes by Eric Curtis


Butter Fly 470x313 Fallen Superheroes by Eric Curtis

Butter & Fly

I think this one is brilliant, if only because someone should have thought of it already!

Fast Food 470x313 Fallen Superheroes by Eric Curtis

Fast Food

Last, but not the least, is the Stress Bitch. Enough said.

Stress Bitch 470x314 Fallen Superheroes by Eric Curtis

Stress Bitch

You can get a copy of Fallen Superheroes from Medallion Press for $29.99, a small price to pay for a coffee table book that will instigate tons of laughter-filled conversation.

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