Feature Film Z*Con Needs Our Support [Zombiecalypse Alert!]

ZCon Kickstarter

ZCon Kickstarter


I’m a sucker for zombies, and I can’t say no to a legit charity. So when I heard about Z*Con, and I took a look at the project, I knew what I was going to write about today.

Z*Con is a feature film that gives the zombiecalypse a different twist. To be honest, I think that Max Brooks’s World War Z is still the best treatment I have seen so far, but Z*Con promises to provide a comedic twist.

The film features teenagers who host a podcast and go to a local comic con to source material for their show. In the middle of the convention, the zombiecalypse begins, effectively trapping the kids in the venue. Using the inherent creativity that so many kids have these days, and social media (of course), they somehow survive. Or not. That’s something we don’t know yet at this point.

What we do know is that the makers of Z*Con are stoked about their movie and aim to make viewers happy with it. Additionally, the net proceeds of the movie are going to a handful of charities. That alone is more than enough to convince to help these guys out one way or another, and you can, too!

You can donate to the Z*Con Kickstarter project if you have money to spare. Alternatively, you can help spread the word. The guys have actually made it easier for supporters by giving specific pointers for us to spread the word about Z*Con.

Need more? Check out this promo video.

It won’t take much, but if you have a good heart and you like zombies, why not take a few minutes of your Friday to do some good? THEN you can enjoy the weekend even more!

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