Make Your Own Tumbler

A fan-created Tumbler titled "American Hero"

The Dark Knight Rises is almost here, and Warner Bros. is kicking the publicity machine into overdrive. The latest tool in their arsenal? The virtual Tumbler Designer, that lets you create your own Batmobile.

The Flash-driven website allows anyone to build up to 6 of their very own “Tumbler” Batmobiles, customized with all sorts of colors, patterns, materials, paint, and more. There’s even an option where you can upload your own image and have it plastered onto the car as a “poster.” You can adjust things like reflectivity and shininess, and add on an optional rocket launcher or machine gun.

A fan-created Tumbler titled "American Hero"

Once you’re happy with your design, you can pose your Tumbler in a cool position, and download it as wallpaper for your computer. Then click over to the “Drive” tab, where you can test drive your Tumbler in a virtual underground garage, which is filled with obstacles and ramps for you to jump. You drive with the arrow keys (or W, A, S, and D keys), and can go as fast or slow as you like. Sadly, you can’t fire any weapons.

You can also look at Tumbler designs other fans have made, and test drive their vehicles as well. Check it out at

Tumbler test drive screen shot

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