The Avengers Working Desk

The Avengers Movie-themed Desk

If I had this desk, I would actually get out of bed, sit on a chair, and work “like adults are supposed to”.

The Avengers Movie-themed Desk

The Avengers Movie-themed Desk Iron Man

The Avengers working desk is for real, folks, and the guys at Tom Spina designs are the people to thank for it.

The Avengers working desk was commissioned by Mark Hall, who is the previous owner of the Han Carbonite Desk. By the way, that desk was auctioned off for charity and went for more than $10,000.

Obviously, with that desk gone, Hall needed another one. Yes, he seems to actually use these awesome desks for work. And I, for one, cannot blame him.

Anyhow, Hall decided to go for an Avengers-themed desk this time. Tom Spina Designs has delivered yet again with this impressive Avengers working desk. On the left side (when you’re facing the desk), as you’ve already seen, is Iron Man. On the other side, we have Mjolnir.

The Avengers Movie-themed Desk

The Avengers Movie-themed Desk Mjolnir

Some may prefer to have Thor’s face and/or bust there, but Mjolnir does look good even encased, doesn’t it? I would have placed a note on the glass surface: “Break in case of emergency!” Then again, no one needs to be reminded of that.

Of course, the desk ought to be enjoyed by the person sitting behind it as well, right?

The Avengers Movie-themed Desk

The Avengers Movie-themed Desk Behind

You may not be a big fan of Hawkeye, but those trick arrows add a nice touch. On the other side delivers a touch of the Hulk.

Take a look at more photos at Tom Spina Designs, and here is a video which will just make you want to commission your own desk.

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