Be the Life – or Joke – of the Party With These Wearable Sculptures

Wearable Sculptures

What do you get when you combine architecture, clothing, and furniture? I am sure a thousand and one answers can be given to that question, but if you are artist Tracy Featherstone, you’ll say “wearable sculptures“!

Truth be told, I admire Ms. Featherstone’s creativity and imagination. Even in my weirdest most creative moments, I would not be able to come up with her wearable sculptures line. Maybe it’s just not my style, or maybe it’s the fact that I do not really like putting on anything more than shorts and a comfy top, but these wearable sculptures are out of my league.

Then again, if the get togethers that you go to are all artsy fartsy or come as you want, then these wearable sculptures might give you an edge. One thing is for sure: you’ll become the talk of the night. Whether that is negative or positive, I will not go there.

So here are some of the wearable sculptures created by Tracy Featherstone. Take note that all captions/names were created by myself and are not the official names of the wearable sculptures.

Wearable Sculptures

Wooden Shawl

Wearable Sculptures

Wooden Shawl Back

It does look like a shawl somehow, doesn’t it? I am just not sure how you are supposed to move your arm, but maybe the wood has joints for some flexibility.

Wearable Sculptures


For sure, this “hat” will give you more than a fashion statement. It might help with your posture as well. Keep that head up, sister!

Wearable Sculptures

Cape and Hood

The modern superhero getup?

Wearable Sculptures

Bridal Train

For some reason, this is the one I like best. I can’t say why, but I find this actually cool.

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    Wow – those are interesting. I have to say I don’t think I would wear them….some look awkward to wear like “hat” I wouldn’t want to hold it up all night. On a smaller scale these may be fun.

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