Check Out Bryan Singer’s Scifi Web Series


X-Men director Bryan Singer is cooking up something kinda groundbreaking: a sprawling, science fiction epic series made for the Internet. Why the Internet? Because it’s about a future where humans are hardwired to the ‘Net.

It’s called H+, and Comic-Con attendees will get an exclusive look at the series’ premiere next week (think it’ll be in “Hall H+”?), but everyone can see it starting August 8th. Starting today, you can subscribe to the series on YouTube. The series is produced by Singer, and as you can see in the trailer above, it’s got loads of effects work.

How could Singer make a series of this scope work on a small, made-for-the-web budget? By hiring an enormous cast of mostly unknowns. The most recognizable name on the roster is Alexis Denisof (Angel, The Avengers). Frankly, I’ve never heard of any of the others, but it’s an impressively long list. The series is directed by Stewart Hendler, who’s best known work is the horror film Sorority Row, and it’s written by Gilmore Girls actor John Cabrera and newcomer Cosimo De Tommaso.

In H+, a microchip called “HPlus” is created, allowing anyone to be hardwired to the Internet, 24/7. This chip, when installed in the nervous system, opens up a whole new world of possibilities. But when a virus is released onto the Net, it instantly kills every person with an HPlus chip — a third of the human race. Now, the survivors are left to deal with the massive, post-apocalyptic changes that the virus has caused to society, while trying to find whoever created and unleashed the virus.

Leading up to the series premier in August, YouTube fans will get lots of behind-the-scenes previews and other content that shows how the series is made. The Comic-Con screening takes place at 7:30PM on Friday, July 13th. Attendees at last year’s ‘Con were treated to the first promotional efforts for the show, so it’s only fitting that this year ‘Con-goers get to attend the series premiere.


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