DIY TARDIS Closet for Kids of All Ages




The Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff is now open for the public, in case you are near the area, or you can afford to travel the world for it. If you’re a hardcore Whovian, you might as well save up for it.

If you just can’t afford to set aside that much money to travel to that part of the world, this might be the next best thing: a DIY TARDIS closet.

Sure, it was made specifically for a little boy who has been following the adventures of the Doctor since he was two years old. But who says you can’t have a DIY TARDIS closet in your own room? (Yes, we all know that the series was written for kids, but as C.S. Lewis said, the best kids’ stories ought to be enjoyed by adults as well.)

Based on the post of JHill at Mad in Crafts, it seems that she used a ready-made closet. No need to break your back or cut your finger sawing and nailing wood planks together!

There is, however, a need to uninstall or detach the closet doors so they can be painted and designed to look just like the iconic blue Police Box. It starts out like this.


DIY TARDIS Closet Set Painting Trick

I am not so good at DIY, to be honest, but I am certainly taking note of this link in case the day comes that I settle down and I get to have the time and space for a DIY TARDIS closet of my own. That would certainly solve the issue of forever waiting for the Doctor to show up (with the TARDIS) outside my window.

If you’re up for a project that will make your kid – or yourself! – happy, check out the post at Mad in Crafts.


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    What a great idea. I am not sure I could get it to work in our house right now, but if I figure out a space for it you bet I will be doing this. Thank you so much for sharing this Dr. Who DIY project. Now to figure out where to put it in our house.

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