Film and Song Maps for Cartography Lovers

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There’s something to be said about maps, and I might not be a cartography nerd, but it can be fun looking at maps. That is, as long as I am not expected to actually find my way around. ((That’s not 100% true, of course.))

Now there are maps that you use to get your bearings, and there are maps that you can spend hours and hours visually devouring without having the need to get off your butt. Remember that mapping stereotypes post I had earlier this year? Not exactly maps, but you’ll have fun looking at those images. If you’re big on political correctness, though, you might want to skip that.

Anyhow, here are two more maps that will might make your Friday a better one. First up is the Film Map. It does what it says on the tin: it gives a cartographic representation of more than 900 movies. The map is loosely based on the layout of Los Angeles.

Film Map
Film Map

Upon closer inspection, you will see the actual movie titles.
Film Map
Film Map Jurassic Park

Film Map
Film Map Reservoir Dogs

The map also includes details such as year of release and director.

If you’re not a movie buff but can rattle off album and song titles, artists, and release dates like nothing else, then the Song Map will do it for you.

Song Map
Song Map

Both maps are printed to resemble and feel like traditional street maps. There are a couple of versions of these maps, with prices ranging from GBP20 to GBP100. Obviously, you’ll have to add some more bucks for shipping, but I think the conversations that these maps will instigate will more than pay for the cost.

See more and buy at Dorothy.

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