Free Saturday? You Could Win a 3DS XL

Nintendo 3DS XL

Nintendo 3DS XL

If you’ve got some free time this Saturday afternoon and a head full of video game trivia, you could win a Nintendo 3DS XL. Here’s how. is hosting what they call a “3DS XL Hub Quiz,” which is like a pub quiz only online. The contest revolves around 30 trivia questions — harder than the casual fan would be able to answer, but not impossible — live, online, right here. The quiz will take place at 3:00pm Eastern, 12:00noon Pacific. The participant with the highest score will win himself or herself a brand new Nintendo 3DS XL. The website promises to ship the prize out to the winner on the first day that the 3DS XL is available in the winner’s country.

The big thing is the contest, so wants participants to know that they’re going to great lengths to make it an even playing field. Even though the trivia questions will be harder than casual, everyone will have a just a few seconds to answer them. So it’s unlikely that cheating by looking things up online will be possible. Questions will have multiple choice answers, and a bonus question will be used to determine a winner in the event of a tie.


  1. meg says

    i have never even played on a 3ds before,you see i live in a very poor part of canada, right not im using a computer at a public stand. I would love to even try it out. gotta run, im losing my minutes.