This Is How You Brighten Up a Drab City – With LEGO

LEGO Bridge

Cities have not been called concrete jungles for nothing, and while I have been living in the city for most of my adult life, I cannot deny how ugly it can be at times. The pollution certainly does not help, and with the concrete walls of edifices getting dirtier as the years go by, sometimes everything just seems to be a pain to look at.

I am sure that it all depends which city we’re talking about, but there is no doubt you guys know what I am talking about. That’s where beautification and cleaning up comes into the picture. This is usually the government’s task, but now and then, private individuals with a creative heart and good intentions come along.

That is what entered my mind when I heard about German artist Megx, who has caught the attention of the online world with his LEGO bridge. The bridge is – presumably – one of several in Wuppertal, Germany. Looking at its original state, one could be easily forgiven for thinking that it could be any bridge in any other city, yes?

LEGO Bridge

Drab Bridge

With some buckets of paint and a love for LEGO, Megx transformed the drab bridge into something that looks totally different.
LEGO Bridge

LEGO Bridge

LEGO Bridge

LEGO Bridge – Side

My hope is that this LEGO bridge will become an inspiration to the people in my own city.

See more of Megx’s work on his web site.

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