Make Your Own Geeky Wallpaper Using Instagram Pics With Insta-WP


What’s your current wallpaper on the computer/laptop? How about your iPad/tablet? Your phone?

No matter what some people might say, being able to change and customize wallpapers is something that adds color to life. Yeah, that might be an exaggeration, but have you tried Windows 7 Starter? I have known people to hate it simply because the wallpaper cannot be changed!

Now what if you could use Instagram photos to make high quality wallpapers for all your devices? Yes, there is a web service for that!

It’s actually something that you might be familiar with already. Some time ago, we featured a web service called InstaCover, which allows you to tap into Instagram to create customized Facebook timeline cover photos.

Insta-WP is basically the same concept, except that the sizes are for wallpapers. Upon visiting the site, you can immediately give it a run without having to register or log in. You will see this panel, which gives you a lot of options regarding the size of the wallpaper you want to create.


Insta-WP Screensize

Below it, there are even more options. You can choose to use photos only from your Instagram account. Obviously, this requires that you enter your Instagram ID. If you want a more diverse source, though, you do not need to enter your ID.

You can choose photos based on categories or tags. Other parameters include the sizes of the images to be included in the collage and whether you want rounded corners or not.


Insta-WP More Options

So I tried creating a wallpaper for my iPad. I guess it is no surprise that I used tags such as “gameofthrones” and “TARDIS”.

Insta-WP GameofThrones



For the iPhone, I used “ironman”.

Insta-WP Ironman iPhone

I did not enter my Instagram ID simply because I do not have too many photos in there, and definitely not of Iron Man, the TARDIS, and Game of Thrones. I wish I did, though! (RDJ, where art thou?)

Admittedly, there are some photos in the mix that I would rather not see. The concept is pretty cool, though, and I am sure with a little tweaking and narrowing down, the mix of images would be better. Give it a spin?


  1. Phoghat says

    As they used to say, in Brooklyn, not-for-nuthin’-but,
    There are a few 3rd party options to personalize W7 Starter. As the owner of an older Asus Seashell, I made do with them myself, atleast until I just got disgusted and loaded the Asus up with Xubuntu

  2. Corfy says

    That is certainly an interesting idea, but I think I’d have a hard time finding my icons against a background like that.

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