Where’s The Dark Knight Rises: The Video Game?


Yeah, yeah, tie-in games are never as good as they should be, blah blah whatever. Still… Where’s the game for The Dark Knight Rises? The answer is going to surprise you.

Coming this Friday alongside the movie’s release to theaters, Gameloft’s The Dark Knight Rises: The Video Game is made exclusively for iOS and Android devices. Instead of console owners, iPhone, iPad, and Android owners will be able to purchase and download the only official game based on the movie on July 20th. And if you’re worried that this might be some kind of cheap social game or scaled-down swipe-to-fight title… think again.

The Dark Knight Rises: The Video Game immerses players in Gotham City, featuring missions, characters (using the real actors’ likenesses), and places that you’ll see in the movie, including vehicle chases, hostage situations, and jailbreaks. Just looking at the trailer (above) shows that this is not a “business as usual” title for Gameloft. The graphics alone look console-worthy.

The game gives players a full-featured combat system that includes all of Batman’s best gadgets. As for the vehicles in Batman’s arsenal, you’ll get to drive the Batpod and perhaps most enticing of all, pilot the new aerial craft seen in the movie, which is dubbed “The Bat.” The game features an open world, so you’ll be able to explore Gotham, looking for crimes to stop, and that’s outside of the main storyline. There will also be in-world purchases available for those who want to extend their game.

Gameloft has gotten very good at squeezing every last ounce of horsepower out of mobile devices over the last few years, and this could be their best-looking game to date. Unfortunately, Gameloft also has a pesky habit of building the dreaded virtual buttons into touchscreen games, but there’s always the possibility that a game’s quality will transcend its controls.

There’s no word yet on what The Dark Knight Rises: The Video Game will cost.

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