Blown Glass Spaceships

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There is something about glass that never fails to catch one’s eye. Of course, there needs to be a certain level of workmanship, but take for example Nerd Glass. Judy’s stained glass pieces are definitely eye-catching, to say the least!

While I am no expert in glass art, I think artist Rik Allen’s work will impress even those with a discerning eye. I simply got hooked by the idea of blown glass spaceships. I’m sure you totally understand.

Take a look at this.

Blown Glass Spaceships
Soloman Voyager

From the vantage point the photo was taken the first of the blown glass spaceships is already impressive. When you take a closer look, however, it becomes even more so.
Blown Glass Spaceships
Soloman Voyager Close Up

Another blown glass spaceship that caught my attention is this silver and steel piece. I can understand if some think that it is too plain, but there is something about its starkness that makes it appealing.
Blown Glass Spaceships
Zue Alpha

Not to mention the smudges you can see at the joints and edges.
Blown Glass Spaceships
Zue Alpha Close Up

Now, for what could very well be my favorite of all of Rik Allen’s blown glass spaceships.
Blown Glass Spaceships
Hexadial Perceptapod

What does it remind you of?
Blown Glass Spaceships

Truth be told, I had never heard of Rik Allen before, and if the same applies to you, do pay his web site a visit. Not only can you learn more about the underlying philosophy of his work, but you can also enjoy more blown glass spaceships (among many other designs).

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