Deus Ex Goes Anime in Fan-Made Animated Short


What would happen if you mashed up the original Deus Ex with high-quality Ghost In the Shell-style animation? This.

In the video above, a crucial scene from the classic Deus Ex is recreated in animated form by Leo Tierney. The scenario: tech-augmented government agent JC Denton, the game’s protagonist, has smuggled his brother Paul to Hong Kong, after Paul’s internal killswitch has been activated. While Paul’s augmentations are breaking down and JC tries to plan a way to stop the killswitch, a government thug named Gunther arrives.

In the game, JC was given the choice of staying to defend Paul, or fleeing via a nearby window. For this animated short film, a third option is presented.


  1. justin leet says

    this was seriously unreal !!! As Deus Ex , Deus Ex Human Revolution , and having noted the similarities between the series and Ghost in the Shell , watching this short was a complete pleasure ! , I wish this were a full length series

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