This Boy Named Drake is the Luckiest Bugger I Know [TARDIS ALERT]

Drake's TARDIS

Not too long ago, I was engaged in a discussion about the merits of Doctor Who with friends. (Thinking about it, this is an oft-discussed topic.) One of the main points of a non-Doctor Who fan was that the show was made for children. That may be true, but I also remember C.S. Lewis, one of the greatest writers of our time, saying something along the lines of the best children’s stories ought to be enjoyed by adults as well.

Just like any other Doctor Who fan, I don’t really care that it’s made for children. It is one of the most entertaining shows I’ve ever watched, and the original target audience will not change that for me.

Anyhow, here’s a kid who is major Doctor Who fan, and he just got the best gift a kid could ever receive for his birthday – short of a visit from the Doctor himself, I suppose. Yeah, he’s the luckiest kid in the world at the moment.

Drake’s parents are friend with the guys of Aeronaut Productions, a company “dedicated to the design and production of exciting, quality theatrical events and traveling exhibitions.” They work with a variety of things from conceptual art to marketing to video productions, and with the knowledge that Drake wanted “anything Doctor Who” for his birthday, the guys decided to go ahead and build him a TARDIS.

Now, we’ve seen a handful of wonderful TARDIS creations here on ForeverGeek, but I think that Drake’s TARDIS just might be the best of the lot. With professionals behind this TARDIS, it is really not a surprise.

So they started with plans like this one.

Drake's TARDIS


And did whatever professionals (or maybe even seasoned DIY-ers) do.

Drake's TARDIS

TARDIS in Progress

Drake's TARDIS

TARDIS Getting There

There’s even a bubble tube in the middle to make things even look more realistic.

Drake's TARDIS

TARDIS Complete

And, here’s the happy kid with his TARDIS.

Drake's TARDIS

Drake and his TARDIS

Sure, it may look a tad small, but hey, the TARDIS is larger on the inside, did you know? Check out the details of the build and more photos at the Aeronaut Productions Blog.


  1. Verna Parino says

    I’m not a geek or sci-fi freak or Doctor Who fan, just a 95-year-old who enjoys good stories, and love this story of an eight-year-old boy’s imaginative mind and the encouragement of adults to foster his interest. They set an example.

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