Eat Your Heart Out With These Awesomely Designed Macarons

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I love food! ((Imagine Po saying that in the tone of “I love kung fu…!!!))

I’m not nitpicky when it comes to presentation, but the more interesting things are, the better! When I say interesting, though, I don’t necessarily mean gross like the body parts bread I ran across a couple of months ago. I don’t mean overly cute creations either.

These heart macarons, in my opinion, strike the perfect balance.

Just in case macarons make you think of those sweet, chewy coconut coconut concoctions that I used to love as a kid, let me clarify things. Macarons are French cookies sandwiched together with a creamy filling in the middle. I can’t think of any other word to describe them aside from scrumptious. ((More on macarons))

These heart macarons by Miss Insomnia Tulip are not your ordinary delicacies, though. For one thing, they’re heart-shaped. Oh, and not the shapes that those head over heels in love will see. Instead, they’re (supposed to be) anatomically correct heart macarons. Now we’re talking!

Imagine getting one of these in a box to make your work day more bearable.

Geeky food
Heart Macaron

And if one does not satisfy you, you can always dip your hand in the cookie jar! (Yeah, one macaron is but a teaser.)

Geeky food
Heart Macaron in Jar

For those who have a special appreciation for the gory, this is the money shot.

Geeky food
Bloody Heart Macaron

You know what I’m thinking? These heart macarons make all those heart-shaped treats look lame.

Via Evil Cakes

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