Most Popular Marvel Superheroes

Most Popular Marvel Superheroes

As if you didn’t know already! Still, there is always something to be said about those “studies” that provide concrete data to back up ideas popularly “known” to be true.

The guys at Networked Insights just published an infographic about the most popular Marvel superheroes today, and while their slant is on the marketing side, I think the infographic is still worth a look. ((Networked Insights))

Even if you are not solely into Marvel superheroes, the infographic will still satiate your appetite for anything superhero-related. Take a look and discover the top 10 Avengers (sadly Hulk and Thor beat Iron Man), the top 10 mutants (Wolverine FTW!), and the top 10 villains (Loki takes home the cake).

The infographic also served to remind me just how much – or little – I really know about the most popular Marvel superheroes. I even discovered a handful superheroes that I had not heard of before!

Additionally, stat nerds will like the the map details the locations of the fans of the most popular Marvel superheroes. The stats are based on social media data. Unfortunately, the data used is limited to the United States. And guess what? New York wins this contest.

Here’s your dose of infographics and superheroes on a Friday. Enjoy!

Most Popular Marvel Superheroes

So what do you think about the stats? Do you think they’re accurate?

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  1. Corfy says

    I don’t see how anyone could create a list of “most popular Marvel Superheroes” and leave out Spider-Man (opening paragraph aside). That’s like creating a list of most popular DC superheroes and leaving off Superman. Unless Spider-Man has really dropped in popularity and I just didn’t realize it.

  2. Bent says

    I don’t comment on things like this often but I had to in this instance. The info graphic is well designed but there’s a couple things that REALLY bother me about it. Hawkeye doesn’t have red hair or a goatee. Ms. Marvel’s mask was always much larger. Northstar is probably known more for his elf ears than his shaggy haircut. Bastion (not Bastian) has pink skin. Daken’s hair is black. Beta Ray Bill does not have long blonde hair (or hair at all). Most importantly, Storm is not white!


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