New LEGO Lord of the Rings Trailer

Screen Shot 2012-08-13 at 1.27.26 PM

Mixing the familiar scenes and dialogue from the movie with LEGO’s trademark cheeky humor, the latest trailer for LEGO Lord of the Rings makes me wonder why I’m not playing this already.

I’ve had some reservations about this one, ever since we learned that the voice track from the films would be used in the game. Probably not the entire voice track, mind you, but these LEGO characters will talk, and they’ll use their true voices when they do. Using the actors’ real voices, taken straight out of the movies, seemed like an odd move for a LEGO game — a notion that until recently, was taboo. How would TT Games, the developer behind all of the LEGO video games, put their touch on the trilogy without turning it into a remake of the movies in LEGO form?

Based on this trailer, the answer seems to be that they’re going to tweak the visuals while staying true to the dialogue. Check Gimli’s “Mithril” line at the end of this trailer for a perfect example. There’s no gameplay in this trailer, but I’m still sold. Bring it.

What do you think to this approach? Is it going to work as effectively as the speech-less LEGO games of the past?

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