New PSN Exclusive: Rain


A boy becomes invisible, but he can be seen in the rain. Meet Rain, a new PlayStation Network exclusive just revealed at Gamescom.

An invisible world exists, all around us. It is revealed only by the rain. But to enter this world, one must become invisible, too. Which is exactly what happens to the protagonist — a young boy — in this beautiful, creepy trailer for Rain. Sony hasn’t released much in the way of details, but from the trailer, we can ascertain that the boy becomes invisible after chasing an invisible girl that he spots one day. Once he’s joined her in this peculiar new state of being, soon he finds himself being chased by strange and dangerous creatures that are also invisible.

Sony’s Japan Studio is creating the game exclusively for PSN, and it looks like they’re doing a bang-up job. The ghostly outlines of the invisible figures in the trailer is both lovely and chilling, but did you see the boy’s footprints after he steps out of the rain? He seamlessly transitions between his spectral form and those footprints, and the result looks like a brand new experience for gamers.

Beyond the visuals, I give Rain extra credit for a story that’s like something Neil Gaiman could have come up with. It oozes both style and substance, and that gets me very excited.

Sony has not announced a release date yet.

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