Winter Cottage Set is a LEGO Geek’s Dream

LEGO has just unveiled the “Winter Village Cottage” set — a huge set that’s loaded with new specialty pieces and an incredible level of detail.

The Winter Village series has been a strong seller for LEGO, and I’d bet some of that is due to its resemblance to porcelain collector’s models, such as the kind used with model railroad or expensive Christmas decorations. The Winter Cottage looks like a terrific — and huge — addition to the series, topping out with nearly 1,500 pieces and retailing for $99.

legowintercottage1 930x501 Winter Cottage Set is a LEGO Geeks Dream

It depicts a Tudor-style cabin that’s heavily weighed down with loads of snow on its roof. It’s Christmas time at the moment in time captured by this set, so lights are strung across the roof, stockings are hung by the fireplace, and a tree sits in the living room. The cottage itself is a two-story structure with awesome little details everywhere you look (I love the chandelier with its clear Minifigure heads as glass globes), but the set also comes with a woodshed, an igloo(!), a truck with an attachable snowplow, and a sled. And get this: there are no less than eight Minifigures, as well as a cat and an owl. Holy crap. Inside the cabin, the fireplace actually lights up.

legowintercottage6 930x214 Winter Cottage Set is a LEGO Geeks Dream

Perhaps most exciting about the Winter Village Cottage set, particularly to hardcore LEGO enthusiasts, is the number of brand new elements it includes. Chief among them are a cool new brick wall element, seen around the bottom of the outside of the cabin.

The new set will be available this October. In the meantime, enjoy these close-up pics sent our way by the good folks at LEGO.

legowintercottage3 930x683 Winter Cottage Set is a LEGO Geeks Dream

legowintercottage4 470x578 Winter Cottage Set is a LEGO Geeks Dream

legowintercottage5 930x593 Winter Cottage Set is a LEGO Geeks Dream

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  1. I love Christmas!!!! I have to have this set – it will make such a cute decoration!

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