Pottery for the Biology Enthusiast

Biology pottery

You all know how I adore Etsy and the talent that can be found there, but after yesterday’s discovery, I began to have slight doubts. Thanks to a reader of ours, Lisa Townley, I made another Etsy discovery that actually made think, “Cool!”

Prior to taking Biology classes in high school, I thought I was going to be a doctor. Then I had to dissect a frog. I quickly changed gears then, but as long as I don’t have to do any dissecting and as long as there is no blood involved, I am totally fine with the subject of Biology.

Thus, when I saw Lisa’s creations – which I would like to dub biology pottery – I thought it would be nice to feature them on ForeverGeek.

Based in Denver, Lisa shares that she fell in love with pottery when she took classes in high school. I think many a person has had a secret desire to sit in front of a pottery wheel and create wondrous shapes out of their imagination. ((Maybe children of the era when “Ghost” became a hit.)) Actually being able to create useful things is a different story altogether, of course.

16 years later, Lisa’s hobby has turned into a source of income, and her creations are something to behold. She has a lot of bowls, vases, and other pottery items, but her biology pottery is nothing short of awesome! A quick rundown of what you’re about to see: a turtle skeleton bowl, a giraffe skeleton vase, a beef butcher bowl (perfect if you want to learn about the cuts of beef by heart), a cell biology bowl, and more.

These biology pottery items are not really cheap – anywhere from $20 to $60++ – but I think they’re worth it. Visit Lisa’s Etsy shop to get your hands on them!

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