Sony Shrinking the PS3 Again


At the Tokyo Game Show, happening now, Sony just took the wraps off of a brand new version of the PlayStation 3 that’s smaller, lighter — and costs more.

The primary purpose of this redesign seems to be about giving gamers a ton of storage space for PSN game and add-on downloads. But while they were at it, Sony went ahead and made their flagship console smaller. This is the second major revision to the PS3 since its launch in 2006. Back in 2009, Sony revamped the console into the “PS3 Slim” model, a machine that was smaller than the bulky original and quieter as well. Sony says that this new edition of the PS3, which apparently has no unique name, is half the size of the original model, and 25% smaller than the PS3 Slim. It’s 20% lighter than the Slim, too.

Regarding that storage issue, two versions of the new PS3 will be available: a 250GB model that comes in black or white, and a 500GB model in black. First up will be the 250GB model, which will come as part of a limited edition bundle that includes a Game of the Year edition of Uncharted 3, with loads of new content, and a $30 voucher for in-game content for the free-to-play shooter, Dust 514. That bundle will be available September 25th for $269. A non-bundled edition of the 250GB model will retail for $249, but Sony hasn’t yet said when that edition will be available. The 500GB model, which will ship unbundled, will sell for $299 starting October 30th.

The new PS3 ships with its own stand, a round, disc-shaped mechanism that securely holds the console vertically.

Is this new PS3 Sony’s way of trying to compete with Nintendo’s Wii U release in November? Hmm.

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