Valve’s Epic Gift from Weta Workshop


The folks down at New Zealand’s Weta Workshop must be huge Portal fans. ‘Cause you’re not going to believe what they just sent to Portal maker Valve Software.

Weta Workshop is the props, costumes, weaponry, and visual effects house best known for Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy. I guess we know what they do in their spare time now — you know, between working on stuff for The Hobbit trilogy — because this gift they manufactured and shipped to Valve Software is incredible.

It’s a full-scale automated turret from Portal and Portal 2, the sentient kind that was always saying, “There you are,” as it shot at Chell. Not only does it unfold and deploy its machine guns — simulated guns that simulate discharging — it also lights up and speaks! It even has a motion sensor, allowing it to react realistically to anyone who walks by.

The turret arrived in a wooden crate stamped with Portal-themed logos and notices all over it, including references to Aperture Laboratories and GLaDOS herself. Valve was kind enough to film their unboxing of the turret and post it online. Enjoy.

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