Xenites, Unite for the Xena Movie Campaign!

Xena the Warrior Princess

Xena the Warrior Princess

Xena Movie Campaign

Back in the day, when I was a freshman in college, I remember certain weeknights when the girls at the dorm would congregate around the what was then considered a humongous TV. Some would camp out in the den to ensure that they got dibs on the channel that showed Xena. If they were some minutes late, the guys would certainly find another show to watch.

I have fond memories of Xena and the bonding that show brought to young, idealistic women. Of course, Lucy Lawless had something to do with that as well.

As such, when I got wind of the Xena Movie Campaign, I immediately knew I would join the fray. So here’s what’s going on:

Are you a fan of the series Xena: Warrior Princess? Would you LOVE to see Xena and her Battling Bard Gabrielle grace our screens once again in a long-awaited Xena movie!? Unhappy with the way the series ended? Desperate to resurrect our hero and reunite her with Gabrielle? Or just eager to see some serious girl-power and butt-kicking make a comeback in the 21sr Century?! Then please join us in our quest to convince NBC Universal of a fact Xenites across the world already know: that a Xena movie starring the one and only Xena and Gabrielle, the beautiful and talented Lucy Lawless and Renee O’Connor, would not only be a hit, but a knockout!

More than a decade may have passed since the airing of Xena, but I am more than 100% sure that Lucy Lawless and Renee O’Connor can still have a go at it and make our jaws drop.

The Xena Movie Campaign was started last year, but obviously, it still needs the support of Xenites. (To be honest, I am not too keen on the label, although I adore Xena.) So here’s what you can do if you loved the TV series and would love to see the movie turn to reality.

Here’s something to refresh your memory in case you need it.

Lucy Lawless is gone from Spartacus, so it’s about time we see her in action again, isn’t it?


  1. says

    hi yes i think they need make a xena movie why not
    all mvies like conman and immortals lost of big his with all superhero
    movies make lot lots money have the avenger and batman and have superman coming out next year i am aking why not a xena warrior princess movie

  2. Marina says

    Thankyou for the article. I am amazed when you say to people, “remember XWP” and the answer is, “yes” as their faces light up. So many people from so many walks of life loved this show, people that wouldn’t bother with a campaign but would absolutely go see the movie. My latest experience was yesterday- at a little cafe in the country.

  3. Kathleen Collins says

    Thanks for your help! A Xena movie with Lucy Lawless and Renee O’Connor would go a long way towards blasting stereotypes; that middle-aged women can succeed in action roles at the box office!

  4. Frederik says

    What on earth is taking so long to make that movie?? If anyone deserves to have a movie it’s Xena. It has a huge influence on the world!! Come on Universal!!!

  5. says

    Absolutely. Society is overwhelmed with male superhero and teenage action movies. The last well-known female action franchise seen in theaters was Charlie’s Angels. Even Wonder Woman got canned recently. Xena was shown in over 108 countries and has a worldwide fanbase that wants to see LL & ROC brought back. It averages over 22 million search results on Google alone. Fan conventions, in multiple countries, have continued to be held every year since it ended. There’s over 21 thousand on the movie campaign fb page. How many movies can boast that type of fan appeal before they even go INTO production? You are missing a golden opportunity NBC Universal to reach a broad fan segment as Xena has fans from young to old, women to men. It’s a cross-segment dream waiting to come true. And Xena faced one of the harshest endings ever in tv history. Think of how awesome it will be to resurrect it and change the outcome, and how appreciative the fans will be. There are so many terrible movies being made these days, here is the opportunity to do a great one. It has all of the elements (and more) that comprise a great action movie, from beautiful scenery to great costumes to fight scenes to talented cast, and a household name in Lucy Lawless alone. It’s a win/win for all. Please make a #XenaMovieNow

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