Check Out the First LEGO Hobbit Sets


LEGO is debuting its line of building sets for The Hobbit on December 1st, and here’s your high-res first look.

Set #79000, “Riddles for the Ring,” has 105 pieces including Bilbo Baggins and Gollum Minifigures. It will sell for $9.99.

LEGO The Hobbit: Riddles for the Ring

Set #79001, “Escape from Mirkwood Spiders,” has 298 pieces that include Minifigure versions of Dwarves Fili and Kili, and Elves Legolas and Tauriel. It will sell for $29.99.

LEGO The Hobbit: Escape from Mirkwood

Set #79004, “Barrel Escape,” is a Toys ‘R’ Us exclusive, selling there for $39.99. It has 334 pieces, and Minifigures for Bilbo Baggins, Dwarves Gloin and Oin, and two Mirkwood elf guards.

LEGO The Hobbit: Barrel Escape

Set #79002, “Attack of the Wargs,” has 400 pieces, including Dwarves Thorin Oakenshield and Bifur, Azog, and two Goblins. Also includes two Wargs. Priced at $49.99.

LEGO The Hobbit: Attack of the Wargs

Set #79010, “The Goblin King Battle,” is the biggest set of this first batch. It boasts 841 pieces, sells for $99.99, and comes with Minifigure versions of Gandalf, Dwarves Dori, Nori, and Ori, a character named only “Scribe,” three Goblins, and the troll-like Goblin King.

LEGO The Hobbit: The Goblin King Battle

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