Crunch Time

So today is the day we see the conclusion of Avengers Vs X-Men, and we prepare for Marvel’s great relaunch as Marvel Now!

At least we are not getting a One Year Later or DCnU style reboot, but a continuation built upon what has passed before. Considering that the aforementioned reboots were DC’s third and fourth attempts respectively at regenerating their universe, it surprises me that it is an art that they seem to have got worse at, not better. We can say that now, after a year of the DCnU.

The ending today of the whole AvX crossover is as to be expected, and I don’t want to release any spoilers ahead of your reading pleasure. One of the strengths of this event, as well it should be, has been the crossovers, and the many insights into the relationships between the members of the two teams. Like Civil War, Marvel have raised the interpersonal relationships of their extensive cast to a new high, and this is the reason I have kept coming back every month. Heights that DC approached in their lead up to Infinite Crisis, then abandoned altogether. This time, there was no evidence of ‘event-fatigue’, unlike say, the Dark Reign. After all, how long did the Dark Reign continue for? Three years? Four?

It sure felt like it.

So, this final issue left me feeling a little unsatisfied. The ending was not quite what I had anticipated, but it felt a little rushed, and not even a final confrontation between Cap and Cyclops actually sated my appetite for those touching and hard-hitting personal moments that the series had been providing up until now.

Still, it’s about time the more ‘mainstream’ heroes started dealing with ‘the mutant problem’; said problem being the fear of mutants rather than their existence. If anything, it’s about twenty years too late, but it will be interesting to see just what Marvel considers to be a pro-active fight against bigotry and hatred.

This I hope to see in the pages of Uncanny X-Men. Yet some of the other solicitations make me wonder what direction Marvel intends to steer the relaunch in. Avengers Arena for example, sounds little more than the same slugfest fodder that we saw from DC both in Countdown:Arena and with regards to the Darkseid club, or the more recent Ravagers. Or maybe even harking back to the Contest Of Champions? I’m still looking for the hook.

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