DIY Tron Coffee Table

Featured image for DIY Tron Coffee Table
DIY Tron Coffee Table
DIY Tron Coffee Table

Who’s game for another awesome coffee table?

I did not finish the original Tron movie. It took me even less time to decide I didn’t really feel like watching the more recent remake. I realize that could be considered blasphemy by some, but each to his own, right?

That is not to say that I do not find the visual aspects – at least what I have seen – of the modern Tron. With the contrast of dark shades a neon lights, who can’t help but be mesmerized? And, if, unlike me, you are passionate about Tron, you will admire what xLunchboxxx (Redditor, are you surprised?) has made with his hands: a DIY Tron coffee table.

From this piece of wood – well pieces of wood put together – and a little bit of tinkering with LED bulbs and wires, the DIY-er crafted a very eye catching piece of furniture.

DIY Tron coffee table
DIY Tron coffee table base

Feast your eyes on the DIY Tron coffee table in all its lit up glory.

DIY Tron Coffee Table Lit Up
DIY Tron Coffee Table Lit Up

I am pretty sure some of you will be wanting to give the DIY Tron coffee table a try. Unfortunately, there aren’t any step-by-step instructions on how to go about it. Still, you can look at xLunchboxxx’s photo gallery and maybe figure it out. Alternatively, get in touch with the guy himself over at Reddit. He shares some details, and he’ll get back to you for sure.

In the meantime, check out this fully functional Nintendo controller coffee table.

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