Gordon Freeman In the Flesh


Headcrabs! Marines! G-Man! Gordon Freeman! They’re all here in this slick live-action short based on the original Half-Life, called Enter the Freeman. Stop whatever you’re doing and watch it right now.

There have been many Half-Life short films over the years, but this might just be the first time we ever get to see series protagonist Gordon Freeman in the flesh. The title character is played by Bernhard Forcher, who makes for one terrific Gordan Freeman. The movie smartly refuses to ignore the fact that Gordon never talks in the games, instead making it a key component of his character in this little story. There are lots of other clever little flourishes as well, such as the Marines from Opposing Force putting in a little cameo moment.

Enter the Freeman kicks off with a Black Mesa doctor being called in to work in the dead of night, on the night that the aliens were accidentally set loose in the facility. But before this doctor and his Barney-like security guard can get going, they’re attacked, and that’s where things get interesting. The film really plays up the horror aspects of the franchise, filming its scenes in a lot of low-light and outright darkness. (There are also loads of J.J. Abrams lens flares.)

It’s cool shorts like these that prove what great fodder the Half-Life franchise is for movie-making. Why we don’t have a big-screen movie yet is beyond me.

Enter the Freeman is very well directed by Ian James Duncan, whose work you can follow and find out more about here.

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