Halloween 2012 Spending Forecast

Halloween spending

Pumpkins, jack-o’-lanterns, candies, ghouls, and witches. You’ll find wherever you look, what with the Halloween excitement reaching fever pitch.

Have you got your costume ready for the big party? Have you bought all the candy you need to give to the kids (and for your own consumption, of course)?

Halloween is definitely one of the biggest holidays in the Western world, and I bet that more adults are excited about it than their birthday. I totally get it. What better way to find an excuse to dress up as sillily as you want and get admired for it? Not to mention all the food and booze that comes with those Halloween parties for grown up kids!

Not to be a party pooper, but here is an interesting graphic forecasting the spending that will be done this time of the year.

Created by the guys as WiseBread, personal finance forum, the infographic predicts that Americans alone will be spending $8 billion in celebrating Halloween! Eight freaking billion. That’s a lot of video games and Blu-ray discs and books!

As much as I like gaping at Halloween costumes and awesomely carved pumpkins and munching on candy, I think I’d go for those other things any day.

Anyhow, where does this $8 billion go to? Aside from the usual costumes, decor, and candy, here is something new for me: Halloween cards,  10 million of which will be sent in total. Have you ever sent a Halloween card?

You can also check out other stats about costume inspiration and how much is spent on pet costumes. Totally hilarious – maybe not in too good a way. Here’s the infographic, which I hope won’t ruin Halloween for you.

Halloween spending

Halloween by the numbers

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