Like Battle Royale? Watch BTOOOM!

Fans of the hit novel “Battle Royale” by Koushun Takami, which was later adapted into a film, would likely enjoy a new anime series by the name of BTOOOM! Based on a manga by Junya Inoue, BTOOOM! chronicles the events that happen on an island when a group of people are dropped off and told to kill each other if they ever want to make it back home. Like Battle Royale, the characters in BTOOOM! were deemed unnecessary or unwanted by society and were forced to participate in a death game. The island where BTOOOM! takes place is also strikingly similar to the one in Battle Royale. Both feature high cliffs overlooking the sea, abandoned structures, and a thick forest.

So if BTOOOM! is just like Battle Royale, what makes it worth watching? The Hunger Games has its differences, which make it interesting, and the same applies to BTOOOM! Rather than give all of the participants different weapons, everyone gets a sack full of bombs. Not all of the bombs are the same though, some explode on impact, others are timed, and some kill foliage. Another unique aspect of BTOOOM! is the radar device that has been implanted in all of the participants. Using the device will reveal the location of anyone around you, but it comes with the risk of revealing your own location. Trying to hide would be of little benefit.

The type of characters in BTOOOM! also brings in another layer of complexity. Whereas all of the participants in Battle Royale were high school students, participants in BTOOOM! are drawn from all walks of life. The main character, Ryouta Sakamoto, is an average 22-year-old guy, but he’s also the best BTOOOM! player (the video game) in Japan. His knowledge of the game and different tactics give him an edge in this fight for survival. Other characters include an attractive high school girl, a soldier, and of course the typical fat lazy bum. Alliances are forged and broken, and friendships are forever shattered. Some give in to their carnal or homicidal desires while others seek to escape the island.

With these unique aspects added to the traditional death game, BTOOOM! is sure to entertain people new to the genre as well as old fans of Battle Royale.

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